Identify your social style

How can you ensure that you get along and communicate with people in the most appropriate way? First of all you need to realize that everyone has an individual personality and social style and no one is better than the other- we are all different. By knowing about your own personality and your social style and recognizing social styles in others you can improve the effectiveness of your interaction with others. Thus its important to learn about different personality types. There are four personality types. Below you will find out which you are.

1.    Are you Melancholic?

If you are an introvert and are more tasks orientated, then you are a Melancholic. Melancholics are technique specialists. They are deep and thoughtful and are generally the genius prone people. Driven by a forceful work ethic, play does not come naturally for them. They tend to be perfectionists and are very organized. Sensitive to others, they make self sacrificing, faithful and devoted friends with a deep concern for others.

  • Have a slow reaction time and work more slowly and carefully 
  • Lean back and use their hands frequently.
  • Do not make direct eye contact.
  • Control their facial expressions.
  • Others may see them as stuffy, indecisive, critical, picky and moralistic
  • Need is to be accurate and to be right, neat/well organized

2.    Are you Choleric?

If you are an extrovert and more task orientated, then you are a Choleric. Cholerics are control specialists. They are born leaders, are dynamic and active, and have a compulsive need for change. Almost any kind of work gives them much pleasure since it involves activity. They desire to control and master everything they do, are independent, and seem to be able to run anything. Furthermore, they are usually 'right' and excel in emergencies.

  • Have a quick reaction time, decisive, independent, disciplined, practical and efficient.
  • Do not want to waste time on personal talk or preliminaries and can be perceived by other styles as dominating or harsh and severe in pursuit of a goal.
  • Speak and act quickly.
  • Lean forward, point and make direct eye contact
  • In times of stress, drivers may become autocratic and need to see results

3.    Are you Phlegmatic?

If you are an introvert and are more relationship orientated, then you are a Phlegmatic. Phlegmatics are likeable people who are good at supporting others. Their low-key personality makes them easygoing and relaxed. They keep their emotions hidden and are patient and well-balanced.  Sympathetic and kind, their enjoyable and pleasant personality makes them easy to get along with, whilst many enjoy their dry, fun loving sense of humor. They are peaceful and agreeable.

  • Uncomfortable with and will avoid conflict.
  • Value personal relationships, helping others, and being liked.
  • Often sacrifice own desires to win approval from others.
  • Prefer to work with other people in a team effort, rather than individually.
  • Have an unhurried reaction time and little concern with effecting change.
  • Friendly, supportive, respectful, willing, dependable, and agreeable and people-oriented.
  • Speak slowly and softly and use more vocal inflection

4.    Are you Sanguine?

If you are an extrovert and are more relationship orientated, then you are a Sanguine. Sanguines are social specialists, love social interaction and are the ideal people persons. They are very impulsive and like to try new and different things. Living in the moment and with their friendly, giving, easygoing personality, they are fun to be around. Often the life and soul of the party, they also have a good sense of humour. They are very curious and never seem to grow up.

  • Tend to be spontaneous, outgoing, energetic, friendly, sociable, stimulating, enthusiastic and are good at involving and motivating others.
  • Focused on people and need to be accepted by others
  • Speak and act quickly; vary vocal inflection, enjoy involvement, excitement, and interpersonal action
  • Lean forward, point, and make direct eye contact and use their hands when talking.
  • Have a relaxed body posture and an animated expression. Their feelings often show in their faces.
  • Perceived by others as excitable, impulsive, undisciplined, dramatic, manipulative, ambitious, overly reactive and egotistical.
  • Under stressful conditions tend to resort to personal attack.


Page Updated: 12 July 2013