Social Welfare Grant

Social Assistance means assistance in the form of grants or a financial award provided by the government.

The social grant is an important intervention from government. It rescues the poorest from food crisis, unemployment and other difficulties. Generally, social grant is not a triumph, it won't make you rich. It only helps to meet the basic needs.

It is important to be informed about such services because there are many South Africans who are in need. They need people like you to inform them about social grant services.

In order to qualify for a social grant, you must be a South African citizen and living in South Africa at the time of applying for the grant. You must also prove that your financial condition is such that your family cannot meet its basic needs.

There are different types of social grant.  These are:

  • an old age grant;
  • a disability grant;
  • a war veterans grant;
  • a care dependency grant;
  • a foster child grant;
  • child support grant;
  • grant in aid  and
  • Social relief of distress.

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For general enquiries call the Social Development Free help line: 0800 220 250 for information in English, Afrikaans, isiXhosa and isiZulu.

Or simply visit:

Or visit your nearest Social Development office; click the following for your nearest office: