Risky Behaviour

As the year ends there are a number of temptations that will present themselves. These activities may seem harmless and fun but they can change your life irrevocably.

Drug and alcohol abuse besides being dangerous activities by themselves can also impair a person's judgement and lead to even more risky behaviour. When you are under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol engaging in activities normally seen as a bad idea can all of a sudden seem like fun. Examples of this risky behaviour can be driving at high speeds whilst under the influence or getting into a car which will be driven at high speeds by somebody under the influence. You may also engage in unprotected sex, fights and criminal behaviour.

Vandalism, petty theft and disturbing the peace are examples of petty crime that can be committed whilst under the influence. Rape, assault and murder are examples of the other serious types of crime that can be easily committed whilst under the influence.

This will change your life for the worse. Your future will no longer be filled with hope but rather despair. When offered the option of engaging in risky behaviour, you can and should say no. The feelings of alienation you may feel as your peer group behaviours in a different way to you will pass, but the consequences of risky behaviour can be permanent.

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