The term "career" refers to the occupation you train for and engage in during your entire working life.

How do I know that I made the right choice about my career?

Any choice that you make can only be described as an optimal choice- the best choice that you could make at that stage with the information that you had available and your circumstances. In order to make an effective career decision today, you need to:

  1. Identify your skills, interests and values
  2. Investigate which options are available and how they relate to different careers
  3. Think about how you make decisions and also reflect on how the decisions you have made so far influenced your life, and
  4. Be willing to seek help if you feel that you need either to extend, or shorten your list of options

I know which career I wish to follow, but I am not sure which qualifications would be suitable?

Some occupations require specific qualifications (for example, to become a doctor you need specific qualification about this field). Other occupations do not need any specific qualifications, but studies in a certain field would equip you for work in these fields.  For more information on career choices, click here.

Informational interviewing is a technique that you could use to find out information regarding occupation and/ or career

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