Bursaries and Scholarships

Tertiary education can be expensive.  For many students the only thing stopping them from pursuing further education is the problem of financial aid. Bursaries, however, provide disadvantaged students with the opportunity to study further. Below is a list of some of the bursaries and bursary agencies available to students in need.

For A-Z bursary  list, click here.  This list contains almost every bursary and scholarship available in the country.

1. Webber Wentzel

Webber Wentzel is a law firm that offers ten R30 000 scholarships per year to law students in their pre-final year of LLB studies. The scholarship covers tuition and residence fees as well as the cost of textbooks.


  • Students must be in their pre-final year
  • Students should have excellent marks

 Other factors that are taken into account are:

  • Whether students are from a previously disadvantaged background
  • Whether students can show that they need financial aid

When applying, students should provide the following:

  • A detailed curriculum vitae
  • A copy of the academic transcripts of any undergraduate qualification (and any other relevant qualification)
  • The academic transcripts of your LLB degree courses up to, and including November in the last year of complete study
  • A copy of your matric certificate
  • A letter of motivation.

To apply, send your application to:

Mail: Webber Wentzel, PO Box 61771, Marshalltown, 2107, South Africa

Fax: 011 530 5111

For more information, click here. 

2. Auditor General South Africa

AGSA Offers bursaries for students intending to study towards a qualification as a Chartered Accountant (i.e. Bcom Accounting CA Stream, Bachelor of Accounting CA stream and Bcompt) at a University accredited by the South African Institute of Chartered Accountant (SAICA)

Qualifications for Grade 12 students:

  • Must obtain matric exemption and university acceptance

  • Must obtain at least 60% for English

  • Must obtain at least 60% for Mathematics (not Maths literacy)

Qualifications for University students :

  • Must obtain over 60% pass in all subjects.

  • Must be proficient in English with strong communication skills.


3. The Old Mutual Education Trust

The Old Mutual Education Trust provides scholarships to the members, their dependents and staff of the following trade unions:

  • DENOSA (Democratic Nursing Organisation of South Africa)
  • NATU (National Teachers' Union).
  • NEHAWU (National Education Health and Allied Workers' Union).
  • NUM (National Union of Mine Workers)
  • PEU (Professional Educators' Union)
  • POPCRU (Police and Prisons' Civil Rights Union)
  • SACCAWU (South African Commercial, Catering and Allied Workers' Union).
  • SACWU (South African Chemical Workers' Union)
  • SADTU (South African Democratic Teachers' Union).
  • SASBO (The Finance Union)


  • Applicants need to be a member or staff member of one of the above-mentioned unions
  • Applicants under the age of 25 who happen to be a child of a member or staff member of one of the above-mentioned unions may apply
  • A grandchild or other blood relation of a member or staff member who happens to be under the age of 25 and who are financially dependent on the union member/staff member may apply

For more information download an application form.


Telephone:   0860 50 60 70

Fax:             021 509 4175


4. Sasol bursaries

Sasol provides bursaries for students that cover all registration, tuition and exam fees. The bursary also covers residential fees, textbook costs while also providing the student with some pocket money.


For a Bachelor of Engineering (BEng) or Bachelor of Science (BSc) diploma, applicants need to have:

  • A minimum of a C-symbol in Higher Grade Mathematics and Physical Science (Maths - 6; Science - 5 in the new curriculum)
  • A minimum of a D-symbol in English (or 5 in the new curriculum)

For a Bachelor of Commerce (Bcom), applicants need to have:

  • A minimum of a C-symbol in Mathematics (or 5 in the new curriculum)
  • A minimum of a D-symbol in English (or 4 in the new curriculum)

For more information on application requirements, click here.

Register as a user on the Sasol Bursaries website to request an application form.


Telephone:    0860 106 235

E-mail:          Estelle(at)adcorp.co.za

5. National Student Financial Aid Scheme

NSFAS provides financial aid to tertiary underprivileged students that excel academically.


Students who require funding have to visit the Financial Aid office of their university and enquire to do so. Applicants also need to have

  • A certified copy of their ID
  • Proof of household income, like a payslip
  • Certified copies of ID's or birth certificates of other children studying at school or a higher education level
  • A letter of acceptance from the university

For more information, click here.


Telephone:   021 763 3232

E-mail:          info(at)nsfas.org.za

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 by Zanele Matshotyana