User Guidelines

To fulfill its vision of Cape Town as a Smart City, the City of Cape Town provides limited access to Internet resources to its citizens. As such SmartCape Access Point computers are electronic communications devices. The Internet offers access to many valuable local, national and international sources of information. However, some information found on the Internet may be inaccurate, incomplete, dated, or offensive to some individuals. A good information consumer must evaluate the validity and appropriateness of information found.

Choosing and evaluating information sources

The Internet is a series of communication linkages leading to a highly diverse array of information content. SmartCape users make use of the Internet at their own risk. In choosing sources to link to from its home pages, the City of Cape Town follows its materials selection guidelines. Beyond this, the City of Cape Town is not responsible for the content of the Internet, changes in content of the sources to which the SmartCape home pages link, or for the content of sources accessed through secondary links. In an effort to assist its users, the City of Cape Town has created web sites for the general population to help guide them to sources that are accurate, complete and current and that provide them with a wealth of information on the local, national and global level. However, the City of Cape Town will not accept any responsibility for the consequences of any action taken as a result of using this information. 

Access by Minors

Parents or legal guardians must assume responsibility for deciding which Internet resources are appropriate for their own children. Parents or legal guardians should guide their children in use of the Internet and inform them about materials they should not use. While the City of Cape Town affirms and acknowledges the rights and responsibilities of parents and guardians to monitor and determine their children's access to materials and resources available through the Internet, the Library has taken certain measures designed to assist in the safe and effective use of these resources by all minors.

To address the issue of access by minors to inappropriate material on the Internet, including material that is harmful to minors, the City of Cape Town:

restricts access to certain sites that contain content of a pornographic nature; and encourages staff at SmartCape Access Points to guide minors away from materials that may be inappropriate.

General guidelines for Internet access

To address the issue of the safety and security of all users including minors when using electronic mail, chat rooms and other forms of direct electronic communications, as well as the unauthorized disclosure, use and dissemination of personal identification information regarding minors, the City of Cape Town urges users to keep in mind the following safety guidelines:

  • Never give out identifying information such as home address, school name, or telephone number,
  • Where appropriate parents or guardians should decide whether personal information or financial information should be revealed,
  • Be careful when arranging a face-to-face meeting with someone via the computer - minors should not do so without parents' or guardians' approval,
  • Never respond to messages that are suggestive, obscene, threatening, or make one uncomfortable,
  • If one becomes aware of the transmission of child pornography, report an incident to the Police or the National Bureau for Missing Persons by telephoning the following toll free number - 08600 10111, or click here.  
  • Remember that people online may not be who they say they are,
  • Remember that everything one reads may not be true.

To address the issue of unauthorized access, including so-called 'hacking, and other unlawful activities by minors online, minors and all other Smart City users are hereby explicitly advised that use of Smart City computers for hacking or any other unlawful activity is strictly prohibited.

General rules governing Internet use

Users may make use of the facilities provided at SmartCape Access Points to communicate for legitimate personal and business purposes, provided that this is done in a responsible, ethical and lawful manner. Due to the limited resources available for provision of public access to the Internet, the City of Cape Town may set limits, for example, on use of large files of still or moving images or sound, or on downloading files in any medium. The City of Cape Town also reserves the right to limit the amount of time an individual user can devote to a single session.

SmartCape users must comply with all applicable laws, including laws governing the transmission and dissemination of information while accessing the Internet.

As detailed in the SmartCape Conditions of Use, users may not:

  • intentional modify, tamper with or otherwise damage the equipment and the applications that run on it,
  • use the network to make unauthorized entry into other computational, informational or communication services or resources (for example, 'hacking#39 into other computer systems),
  • distribute unsolicited advertising (for example, sending out 'spam' e-mail),
  • invade the privacy of others, or attack the integrity and reputation of other (by, for example, sending 'hate mail#39),
  • make any deliberate attempt to damage computer equipment or software, including the introduction or sending of computer viruses, worms or a trojan horse,
  • engage in any activity that is harassing or defamatory; ยท use the Internet for viewing or downloading information from web sites that carry pornographic material,
  • use the Internet for any illegal activity, including violation of copyright or other rights of third parties.

Public Users' Security

SmartCape users should be aware that the Internet is not a secure medium and that third parties may be able to obtain information regarding users' activities.