Notice: SmartCape Email Shutdown, 20 April 2011

Dear All SmartCape Users,

As from today the 20th April 2011, the SmartCape Email facility has been terminated permanently due to the demand for more space, which we are unable to provide. Currently 50 Mb is allocated to each user and we find that you are requesting more space on a regular basis. 

We understand that our users need access to email facilities and that it is imperative to be able to communicate in this way. We have thus communicated with you for +- 6 months in advance to explain the alternative option at your disposal.

As we are unable to increase the mailbox size of your email, we would like to make you aware of other services online such as Google Mail, Yahoo Mail and Windows Live Hotmail which are the popular free email providers and all offer in excess of 2 Gigabytes of storage space, which allows you to almost keep your mail forever.

Below are lists of direct links to access the 3 popular free Email Services of which you can choose from:

Being informed of the shutdown, the responsibility lies on you to migrate and inform all your contacts of your new email address, so as from today the 20th of April 2011 you will not have any access to your SmartCape Email. A timer has been placed on the homepage to remind all users of the remaining time left before we shutdown the email completely.

NB: Your free sessions of 45 minutes will be unaffected and will remain the same. 

For more information you can email: smartcape(at)

SmartCape Team